July 30, 2014
Morning thoughts.

Hustle bustle, a wild bird chuckle. 

On my left – wild wings ring

to my right – industrial belts sing. 

At the top of the world you see it all,

skyscrapers, they seem so small.

Up above, the sun shines proud.

I see it coming – the change is loud.

The tarantula-legged cranes walk the skyline  

like a sloth running along, it’s our friends evil twin – Karl, the smog.

The warmth of the rays comfort my neck,

and joins me and my shadow which I didn’t expect.

2014 you shine so bright.

           There’s only more to come,

                                                          and I’m ready to take a bite. 

January 3rd, 2014

Bernal Hill. 

July 30, 2014

New Film.

BlackandWhite BBQ. BlackandWhite Oakland. BlackandWhite Geometry.

July 28, 2014


Farmers market sando, brunch with Beyoncé, Ozzy High-fives a burrito, yogurt/green tea boba, and my hangover cure. Yummy yummy.

July 24, 2014
"If you read books - which I don’t, none at all - about how to become a billionaire, they always say, ‘You learn more from your mistakes.’ So if you learn from your mistakes, then I’m a f*cking genius.’
-Kanye west"

July 24, 2014

Black pants, denim jackets.

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July 24, 2014

New flare, fig, breakfast, Honda.
The future is bright.

July 22, 2014

Summer in the sunset.
Maybe San Francisco isn’t lost, maybe it is still a classic beauty in ever sense, maybe it is still mine. It’s been so foggy in my new hood, but I love it. It’s calm out here, quite and peaceful, and I love it. New eyes and a new beginning, and I needed it.


July 22, 2014
All by my selfie

All by my selfie

July 21, 2014

follow us.


follow us.

July 21, 2014

Every morning: toast.
Today: tomato.

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